Sunday, January 24, 2010

The joy of being a Sunday painter!

Ah, so Sunday afternoon comes along and I have some choices. My husband is watching both football and Booker, so I am free! Do I run errands, take a nap, work, or play? Well, I did a bit of it all today! I went to the grocery store and the library, took a short nap, and then spent a short time painting this tiny warm-up painting. It's just 5x5". It was so much fun (in spite of all the green, which I am not fond of mixing) that I think it qualifies as 'play' and not work! But I also did some touch-up finishing work on another painting, so there was a bit of work involved, too.

This evening, I'm going back into the studio until football is over, then I'll settle down with some knitting in front of Masterpiece Theater's new version of "Emma." Overall, a pretty nice day!

I am listening to Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol as I work. It is so intense, I sometimes have to back up to hear what I missed while I was lost in my right brain.

I also just finished reading La's Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith. I love his books (especially the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency series) and highly recommend this one, too.

ps. Going to call the little painting "Watching Ewe."


Julia Kelly said...

very fun painting! And sound like a very fun Sunday- I was in my studio all day- for work- but enjoyed it and also watched Emma- though record the last half, just too sleepy.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a magnificient day! The only thing I would add is a pot of tea - whcih you may have done! I did not know that Masterpiece Theater was airing a new Emma - I will have to check that out! I'll also check out the Smith books. Netflix had just highly recommended the #1 Ladies Detective Agency and it's piqued my curiosity!

K Spoering said...

Tea and coffee both, Jennifer! Read the books first, or at least a couple of them, but HBO has done a fantastic job on the shows, too! We can't wait to see the next season, having watched season 1 from Netflix.

Anonymous said...

I remember this as a photo from your trip to Maine. Loved the photo and the painting is very expressive as well. He would be a wonderful subject for a tapestry. Hope you are keeping warm.