Sunday, January 10, 2010

Milo's Duck

Today I sketched in my daily sketchbook part of what I will be weaving for the small format exhibit. I will call it "Milo's Duck." It is of a duck that followed my grandson around at a lake last summer on a trip he and his sister and I took to the mountains on the train. It was a special day, so I am excited to weave a memory of it.

I sketched it this morning so I could think more about what it is about the image that makes me want to weave it. I love the texture in the duck's head and the patterning in the feathers. I also love the designs the water makes with value differences. I have been wanting to weave the challenge of water for some time, so this small piece will make a good sampler for that! The color will be very subtle. In fact, the colors are much the same ones that I have been weaving in the almost monochromatic winter pieces; grey blues, with hints of brown and very subtle touches of orange. If I succeed, the color could be lovely.

The maquette I'll be weaving from is not the sketch, but is a photo. Here is the cartoon that will be stitched to the weaving in progress, and that I will be weaving from:


Julia Kelly said...

I love your duck! And hope you are feeling better!

Trekky said...

What a lovely duck, can't wait to see the tapestry.