Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Really, Boston...

...did you need MORE snow? It's pretty, but entirely excessive, at this point.

We have been to the MFA, where I saw the perfect tapestry foot for my Mary in the nativity piece, and one of my favorite paintings of the Boston Common, which was in the fantastic new American wing, plus much more.

We went to our grandkids' swimming lesson and to the Aquarium with them. We have done puzzles, played games, sang great songs and heard a few originals by my grandson, who is already a great singer/songwriter at the age of 4. We watched the Frog Princess movie. We went to the museum at the old Waltham watch works, where I took some great still life photos.

Now if we can just get to the ATB8 opening on Thursday night! (And thank you, thank you, Janet Austen, for correcting the wrong date that I had in my brain! I would have been quite upset to go to an opening on Friday that had already happened on Thursday!)

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Theresa said...

Oh what a great trip so far. Yes, it would seem Boston has had more than it's fair share of snow this season, but it is winter in New England. Oh, the Waltham Watch Works, great place. I remember vaguely a friends father working there before it shut down. The Aquarium isn't what it use to be.
Get to the Gardner if you can, mostly just enjoy the visit. Boston is a great place even if they all may be a little down over the Patriots. ;)