Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waiting for to go ( as opposed to Godot)

We are stuck in Denver for a day (at least) waiting for the Boston airport to open so we can go there. I am wasting time in a Panera, as they have WiFi. Here is a sketch of my husband, as he also kills time on his iPhone. I did the sketch on my iPad, on an app called Brushes. You are basically drawing with your finger. Very fun!

- Posted from my iPad


Theresa said...

Hope you got there safe and sound. I'll be heading to Bean town in April and am planning on getting to the ATA exhibit right before it shuts down on 5/1.
May the lobsters all have been sweet for your visit!

K Spoering said...

We did finally make it to Boston, so we should make it to the opening!

Mary said...

You are making me more and more interested in the iPad. The picture is great.
Hope your weather improves. We are having floods in various parts of the country but I am not personally affected. Our weather is currently quite cool, most unseasonal - not that I am complaining!

Jan said...

AHA, so that explains some of the very detailed drawings I've seen with Brushes... I have it on my iPod, but it's hard to do much at that scale!

Did you hear about David Hockney's exhibit of Brushes images on 75 iphones?

K Spoering said...

I think I did hear of it, but have not seen it, though I'd love to! I also have Brushes on my iPhone and the scale difference between it and the iPad are significant for me. So far, I have just played with it, and usually am playing with a Granville or two waiting their turn. I am looking forward to doing some more attentive sketches on it.

K Spoering said...

I meant 'playing with a grandchild or two.' The auto correct feature on the iPad frequently makes me sound idiotic!! Curse you, auto correct!