Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trust? I'm just not sure...

I do not always trust my own vision. For instance, I took this photo from my sitting room window yesterday morning, and have been a bit obsessed with it. In fact, before I took the photo, I looked out and thought, 'wow, that is a Charles Burchfield sky!' so I ran and got the camera.

I am thinking about what to do with the image, which, though actually quite grey and dismal, is still speaking buckets to me! Is it telling me to paint it? To weave it? (Oh, please, I hope not! Look at the fiddley work those curtains would require!) Or just to let it be what it is? Or am I seeing something that is not even really there, and it is not worth the second thoughts I have been giving it?

See what I mean? Sometimes it is not easy to look at everything with an artist's eye. Especially when I am not necessarily trusting that the eye sees things that will appeal to others, or even to myself if it is transferred to a new medium. And is there even anything 'worth saying' in this image.

But I do love the greyness of it, and the subtle layers in the sky do so appeal to me! As I have been weaving 'water and dog' today, this sky has been calling to me. Shall I trust it's siren call, or is it just trying to lure me away from the work I am doing?

Well, for now, I will just share it with you and get back to the dog and the water that are growing on the loom.


Mary said...

Some moments are just to enjoy. Keep the image and if it still speaks to you then do something about it then - not that I am a great person to be advising you, I am just a dabbler. But I do find that I get distracted by all the possibilities and then often achieve very little.
Stlll, it is a lovely image - one we don't get in our temperate climate.

K Spoering said...

Ooh, I could do with some 'temperate climate' about now!

Sue Schwarz said...

Wonderful photo..I love the contrast of the curtains against the sky and landscape... Keep it and let it 'simmer'. You will figure out what to do with it, if anything. The good news is that you don't HAVE to do anything with it but enjoy it, right now.