Thursday, September 8, 2011


As I weave this week, I have been thinking a lot about communication. I believe Art is about communicating; about the artist sharing something with the viewer. Edward Hopper said," If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." I feel the same way. If I am not communicating something that I need to share in my work, why would I bother to create it?

I've been thinking about this, because there is so much 'art' that has been coming to my attention lately that communicates nothing to me. It's not that it communicates something I don't agree with, or don't really understand, it's that I see it as purposeless, except for maybe the purpose of generating income for someone. And in this economy, I doubt even that purpose.

I have always viewed art and music in the same way I view languages and literature. We use the visual language of art to say something. I know it's not always possible to speak clearly to every viewer, but I walk away almost as quickly from a painting that says nothing to me as I do from a work that communicates something, but something I do not like or agree with. In fact, I remember the ones that communicate disagreeably, but I easily forget the meaningless ones. Still, as I work I ponder this communication thing. Why does a person create something that is meaningless? (... and I know a few specific pieces that even the artist will admit to mean nothing.) And why, then, would a creator of such meaningless 'stuff' expect a viewer to fall in love with it and pay to have it to look at every day?

Perhaps Edward Hopper and I do not understand all Art. Perhaps meaninglessness has become what people connect to in ever widening circles of their lives in today's strange world. What a horrible thought! If you do understand why a person creates work that means nothing to them, and expects it to mean nothing to viewers and even buyers, please leave me a comment and explain it to me.

In the meantime, I am at the loom, weaving grapes.

I occasionally take a break and run down to the freezer and pop a few frozen grapes in my mouth. One of the tastiest snacks ever! A purely natural grape mini-popsicle!

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estive aqui e amei suas tapeçarias!!!néia