Thursday, September 15, 2011


I had hoped to get the entire right tapestry border done this week, but it has been a busy week. I am pretty much done with the grapes, though. They have a bit of line work, in the leaves and the curly, vine-y things (what do you call those?). I like line work sometimes, and I have done the line work on this in just about every way I know how to do, which was fun! Variety is good in weaving.... as it is in life and in grapes, too.

This is a photo I took with some experimental app on my iPhone at a local coffeeshop where I meet a friend regularly. It has been so nice, we have been sitting outside, and the patio fence is covered with grapevines. They tell us to help ourselves to the ripe fruit, and we munch them as we sit and sip and chat.

I have also gotten a few knit items finished lately. This is a scarf in my favorite Mistake Rib I did for a friend. I will be getting a lot of knitting done tomorrow, as I'm going on a long train ride to see my parents. Train time is perfect knit-time! No weaving will get done this next week, though, so I'll have to come home ready to dive back in!

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