Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's always lovely to see something new...

We are back from a few days at our mountain get-away cabin. We have been going to the cabin for close to 30 years now. We watch birds, deer, elk, chipmunks, snakes, and occasional porcupines, foxes, bears and the mythical moose. But until yesterday, we had never seen tree frogs there! My husband called me out as he was grilling burgers in a light rain to see what he had rescued before Booker stepped on it. Our trusty North American wildlife guidebook identifies it as a striped chorus frog, though a bit out of it's natural territory. I wonder if our wetter than usual spring and summer invited it a bit further west than usual? Or if they live here, but are so few and far between they didn't bother to include us on the map?

At any rate, we were delighted to make his acquaintance! (And to move him back off the dog path.)

As the burgers cooked and the frog hopped away, a lovely rainbow appeared above the mountain. It was nice to see. Always a hopeful sign... and always appearing just when we need some more hope, it seems.

We did a bit of fall cleaning at the cabin. It looks so cozy and inviting after we have cleaned and packed all our clutter back in the pick-up to go back down the mountain to our daily life. I hated to lock it up and leave. But it will be there with more surprises and another dose of hope and wonder the next time we can get-away, the next time we go up to the mountain...

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