Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lower border #1 woven....

I have the lower border of the right side Nativity tapestry woven. Well, mostly woven. I will even it all up along the top edge when I have the left border woven, so they will be the same height. (Which is why there are still some butterflies hanging about.) Then I'll put a narrow golden band between the border and the upper part. It is not quite as dark as this photo shows it to be. I am having trouble getting a good shot of it, as the summer lighting becomes more like fall. So far, this woven border is 20 inches wide, and 9" high.

I have the left tapestry border begun, but barely. You can see a bit of it to the left on the loom. I want to have it completed, and the two evened up, and the cartoons for the upper tapestry portions drawn up before I leave to visit my parents in a couple of weeks. So I have my work cut out for me!

I will do a post here later today about the religious symbolism of the Rose of Sharon, which the flowers on this border represent, and the Grace banner. But first, I must paint my kitchen cupboards! ... and then get all the paint out of my hair and off my body, as I seem to be that kind of painter, when it comes to walls and cupboards and such.

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