Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Gentle Reader...

You may have found little reason to visit my blog lately. I have not been getting much that is reportable done. It has been a season of medical check-ups and procedures, not because of poor health, but just keeping up with all the demands the medical community seems to have on wanting to check up on my awesome body as it ages. I will be kind, and spare you all details.

I haven't been carrying my camera around with me lately, as this winter has seemed too brown to get excited about. We have not had the beautiful snows that we had last winter, and I miss that winter feeling. I regretted being camera-less yesterday though, when I spotted a beautiful golden American Kestral well within the range of my long camera lens!

The altered photo above was taken in my favorite music shop, where I go once a week for guitar lessons, trying to prove to myself that you are never too old to learn something new.

This is part of the mantle in my sitting room, where I do some guitar practice,  I recently wove my small tapestry, I do my morning sketching and journal writing, drink some coffee, and often just do some sitting.

Gus likes it when not much is happening, as he seems to get more of my attention. He thinks everything he does is photo-worthy.

I will be going on a trip soon, and I always travel with my camera around my neck. Even though this trip is a family visit, I hope to see things worth photographing, worth sketching, and, who knows? maybe even worth a tapestry down the line. If so, I promise to keep you posted. In the meantime, thanks for your visit!


ringadal said...

I love the new tapestry. What a great image, and I also love how you wove the background. That is the kind of look I should have done with mine, but ....maybe another time. I have to get back to working on mine for Pacific Portals.

After the exhibit, how will you mount it? What a beautiful piece!

K Spoering said...

I'm not sure how I'll mount it after the exhibit. I still have a few of those exhibit pieces, still mounted the way the exhibit requires. I need to mount them on a larger fiber mount someday. When I do, I'll post them.