Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grace set free.....

I cut the "Grace" tapestry from the small loom this morning.  I've posted the bottom half, and now the top half, while on the loom. I'll post the whole of it when I get the finishing work done, most of which will be done on the train! I'll try to get a better photo than the one above, as well.

And, speaking of photos, here is my favorite photo of this past week:

Booker and Gus napping together on our bed. Just like kids, they look so sweet and peaceful when they're asleep, don't they? You'd never dream that Booker occasionally tries to mop the floor with Gus when they're awake!


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Great that you have finished the weaving. Hope the finishing work is going well for you, - looking forward to the photo with the complete tapestry!
Lovely cute photo of your pets!!!
Sleeping beauties :-)

Theresa said...

Grace is lovely, as was your post about Rachel Brown.
I think her book may have been my first also but for spinning.
Oh yes, indeed I can believe that Booker attempts clean up with Gus, I do I do! :)