Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On exhibit....

These are the two pieces I have on exhibit at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts Members exhibit.  The oil painting is "Barista" and is 16"x20".

The tapestry is the January tapestry from the calendar series. When I was at the opening reception, I noticed that the tapestry was not well lit, and was hung a bit low, underneath a painting. Several people asked me where my work was, and I would take them to the tapestry. They were amazed, saying they thought that piece was either a painting or a photo. I think if it had been hung and lit differently, the textile nature of the tapestry would have shown better. Oh well. Or, as I am trying to learn a bit of french, I guess I should say, 'C'est la vie.'

Another short-term local exhibit hangs tomorrow. I haven't decided what I will put in it yet, so that is on today's agenda.

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