Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another sketch....

Sometimes my mind makes connections that seem a bit bizarre.  (Please don't tell me yours doesn't, as well!)  Today's sketch came from a number of things that are bouncing around in my head; they must have all run into each other. One thing is the advent season, as I listen and play and sing holiday music, and read holiday readings. I have always loved the part of the Bethlehem story where the angels pop up in front of some guys who are calmly watching their sheep, and start singing and rejoicing, then tell the guys, who are undoubtedly scared witless, to 'not be afraid.'  

I love the 'don't be afraid' scriptures. A few years ago in my Bible reading I marked all the 'be courageous' and the 'do not be afraid' verses. There are really a lot of them! Probably because we are such a big lot of chickens that we need many frequent reminders. Fear motivates a lot of what we do. And that's another thing thats been ricocheting about in my head: all the fear-making news we see and hear, some of it very real, most of it amplified by the fear we spread amongst ourselves.

And then there's the Honey Badger. I saw an ad on PBS the other day for a special show that will be airing soon about the honey badger. The clip said that this animal, which looks to me like a cross between a baby panda and a corgi, is the most fearless of all animals. It must know something. It must know that the thing we should fear most is fear itself, as President Roosevelt once said.


Fran said...

He is very cute and well-captured by you! You have to be tough to invade bee's nests. I like your drawings so much I am going to start a sketch journal too! Fran in Calgary

K Spoering said...

Fran, I feel honored to have inspired you to sketch! Let me know if you post the sketches anywhere!