Monday, December 14, 2015

Santa Gus....

Gus. Gus loves Christmas. He loves to hide under the gifts and the tree skirt and jump out at Booker. He has ruined one artificial tree (I'm allergic to evergreens,) and is determined to ruin another, by climbing them. He was halfway up the tree in this photo. I do not really understand why a cat wants to climb an artificial tree, but Gus, like all cats, has his own reasons and agenda. He is sad when the tree goes away.

I actually made it into the studio to the loom for a bit today! There is nothing that soothes my spirit like weaving. As you can see, I have not progressed much on this tapestry. But every little pass of weft through warp helps.

My sketch today was not terribly inspired. I just sketched what was in front of me on the sitting room coffee table: a little knitted Santa and three 'peace' candles.

Tomorrow is another day; another bit of weaving, if I'm lucky. Another sketch, if I make the time. Another adventure for Gus. But right now the sun has set, snow is lightly falling, and a cup of tea and some gift knitting is calling my name.

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