Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Exactly when IS the 'first day of Christmas?'

I surely would not want to miss it! I have been decking the heck out of our house for the past few days. It has been a few years since I got all this 'decor' out of my Christmas closet. It just seems silly  to decorate when we are either here alone or traveling somewhere for the holidays. But this year, all my kids and grandkids, and my dad and a brother and sister-in-law and an extra dog will be here! So all the stuff was put out; mostly with the hope that they will latch onto a good bit of it and take it home with them!

Now that the 'decking' is all done, I am hoping to get a bit of weaving and sketching in. I know, however, that the second, third, fourth,..... etc/ days of Christmas follow pretty closely after the first day, and I still have holiday music to plan, 'perfect' (ha!,) and perform. And baking and shopping, oh, my! Mrs. Claus, didn't you have any say about all this? And if you didn't, way back then, is it too late now?

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