Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year; New Hope

As a new year rolls in, I am looking ahead with great expectations. The year that has just passed was a difficult one for me. So I am pulling myself in; letting go of some things I have been doing, and planning a winter season, at the very least, of hibernation and personal work and growth.

The year ahead should see the end of the Calendar Series tapestries. I am hoping to feel a paintbrush in my hand again. My music is leaving the 'public arena,' and I am going to be doing some song writing.

You will find me in quiet places this year, hunkering down in my personal 'caves:' my studio, my sitting room, our cabin. I am hoping you will see my work out and about, and you will certainly see it here, on my blog.

This is a year of change. This is a year of growth. This is a year of solitary work. This is a year of Hope.

May you have a blessed 2016.


Fran said...

Much peace and grace in the coming year, Kathy!!

K Spoering said...

Thank you, Fran, and the same to you!

Mary said...

Looking forward to the end of the calendar series. It is actually a relief to know that it has taken a while, that things do interfere with the art, life is real, if not always what you were hoping for.
I hope this year brings you joy and peace - and creativity.

Emsoftware In said...
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