Monday, February 4, 2008

And now a word from my sponsors...

I got the huge postcard invitation from the Art Center for the Fiber exhibit, and the other events that will take place during the two months it is there. It's a very nice, full color large format postcard, and my "Barbershop Buzz" tapestry is on the front. Also on the front, and I confess I've not seen this done this way before, is a large color logo for a local bank. Way cool, I guess. That puts we artists up there with athletes and race cars. Soon, we'll need to weave the logos in to our tapestries. Ah, but we DO need our patrons, so don't read this as a complaint; just as an amused aside.

I hung the Barnes & Noble exhibit last Thursday, with two of my other 'angels', my husband and a good friend who is also an artist. I was still sick, and so woozie, I didn't really care how it was hung, as long as we finished and I could go home. I went back this morning and tried to get some photos, but the cafe area is SO well lit, I had a hard time. But here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how it all looks there.

These pictures take you in the door, around the corner, and into the cafe, where the exhibit is. Note all the fire alarms we had to work around! Lots of combustable stuff in a book store, I guess.

And... speaking of pictures, I finally set up my outside 'photo studio' to take the slides of the Fall tapestry this morning. I've been procrastinating, hoping I'd not have to do it in nasty cold snowy weather. But, since the tapestry goes to the Art Center tomorrow, I gave in and took the slides anyway today, after yet another snow storm overnight. So, here's what my photo process on my 'fake wall' looks like...

(By the way, in the slides, the garage does not show; the fake wall does not show; the edges of the black fabric behind the tapestry do not show; ONLY the tapestry shows, and it fills the slide frame.)

...and here's finally the 'official' photo of "The Gift".


tapestry13 said...

Thanks for showing us the Barnes & Nobel exhibit hanging! I also like your process shot of the photographing of "The Gift." I see you're shooting in full sunlight? You mentioned slides...are you shooting slide film and digital, as well, or are you having slides made from digitals.

The "official" photo of the tapestry looks great!

Congratulations on having all your work out and about! Hope you make some good sales.


K Spoering said...

I take both slides and digital shots, Tommye. I shoot a full 36-roll of professional slide film of each tapestry before it goes out into the world. I suppose that's no longer as necessary as it used to be, as a lot of exhibits require digital entries now. But I do have the capability to make digital images from slides myself, though not vice versa.
I don't expect sales from either show. I never expect sales locally, then, when the rare one comes along, it's a real treat! We are not an art-affording community, on the whole. But I do like to show here occasionally, so people I know can see what I do.
Thanks for your well wishes, though. Who knows?

KB said...

Wow! "The Gift" is just stunning. How do you do that anyway? I'm just sitting her trying to figure out how to draw it and you weaved it. Wow!