Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am back from a few days with my grandkiddies, where my grand-daughter and I finally got to go see her first 'real' theater movie, The Veggie Tales in "The Pirates Who Don't do Anything." All that I will say about that right now is, I always knew cheese curls were evil, and to be avoided at all costs!

The night before I took the train over the mountains to visit my son's precious family, I went to the opening reception of the fiber invitational exhibit at the regional Art Center here, where my work is included. I have to say, these events are always eye-openers! They show me how strange and unknown a thing it is to be a tapestry weaver.

Here is a true conversation from the opening:
(This was with an elderly man who stood and stared VERY closely at my tapestries for a long time, so I approached him and asked if he had any questions about the work.)
Man: "Do you know what these remind me of? They remind me of tapestries."
Me: "Well, they ARE tapestries."
Man: "No, I mean real tapestries. The ones that are handwoven on big looms in France."
Me: "Well, these tapestries were handwoven on a big loom right here in my studio."
Man: "Here in Grand Junction?"
Me: "Yes. On a loom just like the ones used in French studios. And very similar to looms used here in the Southwest by Navajo weavers."
Man: "But hooked up to a computer?"
Me: "No, all hand woven."
Man: "But in France they use very small individual threads to make the tapestries."
(Which maybe explained why he had had his nose practically on the tapestry, looking so closely at it.)
Me: "Yes, I use threads, too. It's all yarn that's woven tightly together to make the images."
Man: "Well, do you know what they remind me of? They remind me of tapestries."
Me: (what could I say?) "Hmmm, yes, I can see how they would."


Erin said...

I feel your pain. Once in a gallery, a woman with her eight year old son in tow said, "You could make something like that for mommy," while looking at my tapestry. I wanted to say, "Lady, if he can, I'd like to hire him."

meabh said...

Oh sigh..... at Brighton a woman asked me if my work was cross stitch....

tapestry13 said...

Your conversation with the gentleman at your opening is priceless!

Once, my aunt, bless her heart,--when seeing my tapestry "Mom"--said, "Now, how did you get the picture in the rug?"


lorrie said...

well, now. i think i shall say that randomly to you: "these remind me of tapestries!" for cookies, feet, books...

K Spoering said...

Well, the sad thing is, Lorrie, that all those things DO remind ME of tapestries! I have a 'warped' view of the world. HA! A tapestry pun!

lorrie said...

okay, that's it. no more internet for you.

K Spoering said...

Meabh, Erin, and Tommye, I'm wondering what it is that has made us want to do our work in a medium that is so 'foreign' to the rest of the world. Is it that we are truly unique? Or is it stubborn perversity? Whichever, lets keep confusing 'em!