Friday, February 29, 2008


(that is me 'huh-ing', in case you wondered.)
I got home and sorted out my mail. In it was a familiarly lumpy envelope, that had obviously been addressed by me, to me. I know those envelopes! They contain slides, which is never a good sign. If you get your slides back, in a SASE, you are being told you are not wanted. You are rejected. Your work is not needed for this particular exhibit.

Well. Of course, I have received rejections (or 'not accepteds,' to be more kind to myself) before. If I'm not receiving rejections, I'm not stretching myself far enough. But the thing about this one is that I didn't consider it a stretch! I thought I had entered the perfect piece for this exhibit. Shows how clairvoyant I am!

I had entered the "Dama con Mangoes" tapestry to the Salsa y Salsa exhibit, an exhibit for Convergence that is a themed exhibit, to show "work inspired by Caribbean, Central and South American societies." The tapestry is of a Honduran woman. How perfect is that? (Or so I thought.) Well, not so perfect after all, it seems.

I would love to see what the juror chose, but I will be in Honduras at the time, so guess I'll miss it. Que sera, sera.

I am glad I didn't weave this tapestry for this exhibit. I don't do that anymore. I weave for me. As for the tapestry itself, I love it no less for being 'rejected.' Me gusta mucho.

This is the tapestry that received Best of Show in another national exhibit last summer.

And that's about all I really have to say on this topic.


tapestry13 said...

I'm totally amazemed the work was not accepted for this show! I saw this piece in person last year at the BRHW show and it was stunning!!
A major mistake was made by the juror here.

tapestry13 said...

Kathy...I was so amazed that it turned into "amazemed" when I typed it! Sorry about that.

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy,

I know you are away, but I couldn't help but want to send this note to say that I was thinking of this tapestry this morning and what triggered the memory. I saw a beautiful male cardinal in a tree of new yellow green leaves and I immediately thought of this tapestry. I have always loved it and I was tickled by the reminder. Isn't it cool how nature does that to us.