Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here is the small tapestry (about 10"x10") that I wove of our dog for the Woven Gems exhibit. If I had done this tapestry when he was younger, I'd probably have chosen one of the other maquettes to work from, as he was a funny, silly, pup. But he'll be 12 years old this summer, and is an old gentleman, though still a bit silly on good days. I wanted to do his sensitive, smart 'dignified old gent' side, so I chose the more traditional maquette. I am glad I did.

While I've worked on it, I would say to Craig, "I'm going to go work on Wooster." Or, if someone would call, I'd tell them, "I'm working on Wooster." This dog has the best verbal understanding of any dog I've ever known, and he would hear me say that. Also, when I'd go in to the studio to work, I'd tell him, "Well, I'm working on your ear today." He's not normally allowed in the studio, as he's a bad shedder, but a couple of times while I've been working on this he's come to sniff at the loom, then leave. Yesterday, when I cut the tapestry off, he followed me around and sat and watched closely as I tied all the warp ends, and trimmed the back tags. He would come up and sniff the tapestry and look at it. He's never done that before! It took me a bit to understand his strange behavior, then it hit me! The silly dog has heard me refer to it as "Wooster" so many times, he thinks it is for him!


Carol said...

Kathy, "Wooster" is beautiful! I feel like I can look into his soul through his eyes... He looks all the 'dignified old gent', as well as all knowing. They understand more than we think, I believe. Also, your feelings for him are apparent. Thank you for sharing it.

tapestry13 said...

Hi Kathy,
Wooster looks great in his portrait! I'm sure he knows it's of in a way is IS for him.
Looking forward to seeing it in the exhibit this summer!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could sit next to him on a back porch step and hug him and tune in to his thoughts while neither one of us spoke or barked a word....he is beautiful....thank you for letting us see the finish...from Janet in NJ

K Spoering said...

Actually, Janet, our back porch is more of a stoop. But he LOVES to sit out on the front porch. He told me to tell you to come on over!

Erin said...

You've so perfectly captured the "you called me?" expression.

Thanks for showing how much you can do in a small format.
Erin in AK

K Spoering said...

Thanks, Erin. where are you in Alaska?

OzWeaver said...

Oh, Kathy, he is a lovely old gent, and you have done a fabulous job conveying that! I can't wait to see this up close at Convergence!

Also, you have just been "tagged" by the "Power of 7!" Having just been tagged myself, I can tell you it's not so bad. I will be looking forward to learning a bit about you. Check my blog for the "rules."

Tag! you're it!