Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the beginning now...

I have been waffling over the small tapestry I need to weave, as it's already entered and will soon be due, for the ATA Woven Gems small format tapestry exhibit. As I said before, I want to do a tapestry of my dog Wooster's face. I took a photo I like, and I've been playing with it. First I cropped it to a composition that I not only like, but think will be weavable at the small size and scale. But then, as always at this stage in designing a new piece, I got carried away. I've come up with several versions I think would be fun. I love color - and seem to need it especially at this time of year.

I drew up the cartoon weeks ago, as it would be the same for any of the versions. Today I went into the studio and started pulling yarns from the shelves... but what yarns? If I'm going to weave, I need to know which version. I ended up pulling yarns for ALL three of these versions, slapping them in a basket and dragging it all, plus my already warped small loom to the sunniest and warmest spot in the house, the sitting room. Then I sat, staring at it all.

I finally decided which version I will do, and I've woven the first half inch, so I guess I'm committed to it. I think I'll keep it a secret. Of course, then when I show you the completed tapestry, everyone will say, "Oh, I really thought/wish she'd done this other version!"

But, in art, as in life, when you make one choice, choose one road, you have to turn away from the others. Gee, someone should write a great poem about that!

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