Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Arrgh! No Pirates and no Idols!

Once again it has been subtly pointed out that I am not in charge here. My plans for the early part of the week were to ride the Amtrak over the beautiful snow covered mountains to take my grand-daughter to The Veggie Tales movie. She has been singing the song since before she was a year old, and no, I am not exaggerating! But her mom called yesterday, just as I was finishing up my packing, to tell me she had finally come down with her brother's chicken pox. We'd almost decided she'd not get them this time. So no Pirate movie for the two of us this week!

Plan B: to stay home and become a vegetable myself in front of American Idol tonight and tomorrow night, except for the non-veggie hands, which would be weaving up a storm (or rather, a dog). But that's a no-go, as well. We don't have cable, as we really don't watch much TV. And the local CBS/Fox affiliate TV station burned down this weekend. Clear down. No CBS, no Fox, no American Idol.

So, no excuse to not just keep on working! Yesterday I framed all of the paintings I'll be showing in the "Cups &..." exhibit, except the one that is still drying, and two I'll be borrowing back from friends I gave them to. Today, I'll frame the photographs and mount and frame the small tapestries. It looks like it might also be a good day (though still Stinkin' Cold) to take slides and photos of the Fall tapestry. So, Plan C: Just keep on working. Frame 'em and prop 'em up in the sitting room. Ah, the exciting days and moments of an artist's life!


Anonymous said...

No, not KREX! What a blow against truthiness! Who reported breathlessly on the fire if not them?


K Spoering said...

Yes, well the station owner/manager this morning confidently and breathlessly announced that 'the phoenix would rise again from the ashes.' Too much Harry Potter, I think.
The station burst into flames two more times in the 24 hours after the first time, proving that hell IS quite hard to freeze over. Even in far below freezing temps!

tapestry13 said...

You didn't miss much by missing "Idol" last night (in my humble opinion!)
I'm glad to see your shot of the paintings propped up. I like seeing the scale of them. I'm especially impressed with the size of the diner painting since I thought it was smaller. You may have posted the size but I'm not a good one for reading numbers...like to see comparisons!
Happy finishing details for your show!

lorrie said...

you should be able to find some bits on youtube if you're desperate.
and, i admit, i giggled about the fire. for some reason, that is so grand junction.