Monday, January 28, 2008

Wallowing in it...

Maybe you've noticed that I've been mentioning fighting the winter blues in several of the past posts. Well, sometimes the best way to get past the true blues is to just take a day and WALLOW in them! So today that's what I've been doing... noticing how truly nice blue can be...

...and listening to the blues. Now, there is some music I can't wallow in when I have the Blues, like Nick Drake. Much as I love his music, he pulls me too far into the blues, if I'm already heading that way. But here's a short "Killing the Blues" playlist that I've been listening to today. When you can belt it out along with these guys, you are definitely taking control of your dark side!

Early in the Morning Harry Nilsson
I Will Not Be Broken Bonnie Raitt
Only the Lonely Chris Isaak
Crying k.d. lang & Roy Orbison
Blues In the Night Katie Melua
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Madeleine Peyroux
Killing the Blues Malcolm Holcombe Group
My Blue Heaven Norah Jones
Bluer Over the Rhine
Blue Monday Randy Newman
When the Stars Go Blue Ryan Adams
Long As I Can See the Light Ted Hawkins
Lonely and Blue Van Morrison

And now I'm going to have a cup of coffee with a friend who is great at listening to me wallow in self-pity, and making me end up laughing at myself and everyone else. If I read PG Wodehouse as my bedtime story, the evil Blues will surely be blasted out of here for good!


Carol said...

Also, Kathy, it helps when you read others are there with you. I,m fighting little French Ultra Marine here, waiting for it to change to cobalt, lavender maybe. Hard getting out of my own way sometimes, but I try. Oh by the way, read Blue Like Jazz. Like what he says.

K Spoering said...

I am reading it, Carol, and I do like it! I like Ann Lamott better, but he's good! Thanks for visiting. I'm a pale cerulean today, a step up out of the deep thalos!

Carol said...

I also love Ann Lamott's writing. I still laugh when I think of "the auntie's" not stopping when she did on the beach when she was thinking about her body compared to those young things on the beach with her. That was in Traveling Mercies. Read it and I guarantee you will be laughing, might even help in lightening up that pale cerulean. Thanks for the visit.