Friday, January 25, 2008

Dear little cup, and other diversions...

I am running as fast as I possibly can from a huge case of the winter blues. I'm cleaning my studio (always a necessity and a mood booster, after completing a big project), carrying my digital camera around with me, playing in my sketchbook, and I splurged and bought myself a potted bulb garden at the Nursery the other day, so I'll have a bit of Spring around.

Here is the "Dear Little Cup" painting that is almost dry enough to frame for the "Cups &..." exhibit. It is of a tiny cup (see it in my husband's hand below) that I bought in the Asian market area in Boston. Actually, I bought 4 of them, for tea parties with my grand-daughter, but I've been having so much fun painting it, I just can't stop! In fact, with this one, there will be seven "Dear Little Cup" paintings in the "Cups &..." exhibit next month. They are somewhat 'dear little paintings' too, as they are only 8x10 inches each.

Here is a photo of geese at the golf course that's a block from my house. They fly over, honking themselves silly, all day long. They cheer me up, too.

The bulb garden comes with over 20 bulbs, which are just little poking spikes above the soil when you get it. The first day, the spikes were taller. Now, they are significant plants, and the first one has already bloomed, a tiny yellow iris. I sketched it in my sketchbook. No great art, but again, a blues chaser.

Well, back to cleaning the studio, and chasin' away those evil blues!

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