Friday, May 2, 2008

Two x 2...

Sometimes I am compelled to create something, for who knows what reason, then I wonder, "so now what do I do with it?" It happened today; I've had these two photos of crows that I took recently demanding to be made into something. So I did a photo combining them, which I call "2," but that didn't cure the creative itch, so I did this collage/painting on canvas, which I guess I call, "two." So now they are are done, they are named, and I spent an afternoon on them. Now what? I don't really know what to do with collages and photos. These are small - the collage is on 8x10" canvas. The photo I really like, but I don't really ever frame photos. The collage is OK, but, really, what do people DO with things like this? Maybe I can make a journal cover out of it? Maybe the photo could be used as a maquette to weave the world's most boring tapestry?
Well anyway, here they are.

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tapestry13 said...

Hi Kathy,
Interesting thoughts for small works. By the way, four friends and I are doing an art work a day for the month of May--and we're all working pretty small on these pieces since they're "diversions" in the midst of everything else we're doing. We've got a blog through which the five of us are sharing our experiences.

I'm weaving on a continuous piece but finishing each section daily with a marker of two passes of dark. Others of the group are doing drawing, painting, or collage of some kind.
I'll post to my blog at some point about our journey to mark the passage of one month's time.