Monday, February 16, 2009

Thinking old, again...

When I finish a tapestry, I am already thinking ahead to the next one. That thinking begins when I see the top of the cartoon behind the tapestry. So, I've been thinking ahead for awhile about what I would like to weave next. What has kept cropping up in my mind is an old photo that I have somewhere of a woman in a cowgirl outfit. The photo is a little B&W contact print from the 1930's. It was in a box of old pictures I inherited from my grandparents. From that box, I began the Heritage Series of tapestries, and I have never really considered myself to be finished with that series. The cowgirl is one of several photos I still want to develop into tapestries.

What brought this photo to mind again was the walks I have been taking several times a week with a friend. She recently bought a house in my neighborhood, which is the downtown, historic district of our little city. So we have been walking through the neighborhood, discussing the architecture and what folks are doing with (or to) their old homes. In addition, my husband and I went to an estate sale at one of the houses over the weekend. The couple that lived there had the home in their family since it was built in the early 1920's, and absolutely everything the family had accumulated over that near-century was still in the house. We didn't buy anything, though I may go back next weekend when everything is half-price, as they had a huge collection of Navajo and Turkish rugs. But I did sneekily take this photo of toddler shoes, with my husband's i-Phone (I hadn't thought to take my camera, and it probably would have been discouraged anyway.) I thought they would be fun to paint.

Annny waaay, I can't find the photo of the cowgirl! I know I put it somewhere so I could easily get my hands on it when I wanted it... but where that place is, I have yet to discover, after tearing the house apart all morning long. Don't you absolutely hate when that happens??? I am determined to find it now, though, whether it becomes a tapestry or not. So finding the photo is what is next on my agenda!

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Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

I hate it when that happens! It seems such a waste of time that could be used much more productively, or even to just relax and enjoy. Sometimes I put notes on my computer calendar to remind me where I've stashed something.