Friday, July 24, 2009

Illustration Friday: Idle

The IF topic this week is idle. Here is an 8x10 oil sketch of a couple of girls on the end of a dock at Vega Lake, where our cabin is, being sweet summer idle. I'm not sure it is finished, but I am too idle to finish it today... not to mention that Booker is NOT idle enough to allow it!


Anonymous said...

Sunday 7/26/09 8:14am on the East Coast.....kwitcherbellyachin about lack of incentive and get a tapestry going of Mr. Booker.....I'm not sure you understand how much your blog teaching has meant to me and others in inspiration and technique and are the person we can turn to for answers to our even if you think you are "idle"--you're really are "there" and I look forward to seeing how you will portray this new puppy (even tho my heart belongs to the Wooster tapestry)...from Janet

K Spoering said...

Janet, I don't quite know Booker well enough to weave him yet. If I did him now, he would either show my exasperation with him for not sleeping through the night, or he would be a mud-puppy, who delights in wallowing in puddles and thinks the resulting baths are a reward for his cleverness at finding them! Neither images would be very pleasant, I think. I do get your point, though, and will try to use his naptimes to get back to work, rather than collapsing in a chair and snoozing myself!