Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I haven't done....

...since Booker came to live with us:
- weave
- paint
- sketch
- write in my journal
- get a good night's sleep
- cook a decent meal
- go out for coffee with a friend, or go out ANYwhere, really!
- bother with make-up (really, that is pretty far down on the list for me anyway)
- clean my house (ditto above, when I am on 'functional level')
- exercise... HA! Life Is an exercise!
- did I mention 'get a good night's sleep'? It's worth a re-run. As Wallace says (Wallace and Gromit), 'The bounce has gone from my bungee.'

Well, the little terror is napping for a few minutes, so I'm going to go stare wistfully into my behind-closed-doors-studio, and see what I can begin, tho' that seems like a guarantee that naptime will end.


Jennifer said...

Oh my - what a cute rear end! Booker is a great name and I'm glad to see he and the cat are getting along!

npw said...

You do need to paint him! He is soooo cute! Remind me again why we'd want human babies? ;p

Miss 376 said...

what lovely photos

callybooker said...

Great name ;-)

K Spoering said...

Yeah, I guess you would like it, Cally! I was the 'name generator', coming up with a passel of names, and my husband picked that one from the bunch. It seems to fit him.