Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Slow progress is still progress...

... and tapestry weavers know that, for sure!

Yesterday I took advantage of every Booker nap minute, and went into the studio to weave. I actually progressed up the warp a bit more than an inch! I have other important things to attend to today, so can't use all spare quiet minutes that way, but hope to do a little bit more weaving, if possible.

The Honduran organization that my husband was going down to work with decided yesterday that things are just too unstable there for Americans to come down right now. So his trip is canceled... again. We had to cancel last year's trip because the airport in Tegucigalpa was shut down, due to a plane crash. I believe we perhaps are being told to turn our good work efforts elsewhere. It is, once again, a disappointment and frustration for my husband and the group he was going with. But I confess that I am relieved that I won't have that week of checking the news every few minutes to see 'what else' has happened in Honduras! We do pray that things settle down there soon. It is a country that is unstable enough in the best of times, and the good people there do not need their government crumbling around them. They have been very proud of their democracy, and it needs to become something they can rely on and be proud of again.

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Jennifer said...

We understand the frustration and the relief over a canceled trip. We headed to Zimbabwe in 2001 during the war vertrans raids that were prominent in the news. It was interesting how little that was a topic of conversation with the people when we were over there.

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