Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summertime, and the livin' is easy?

I am home today from spending a week with the cutest grandkids ever. Yes, I know that you may have a preference for your own, if you have them, and I will allow for that, but aren't these some seriously cute kids?
I am pretty tired, after flying from Boston to Denver yesterday (including a bumpy stretch through a lightening storm) and driving from Denver to Grand Junction today. But I still had just enough energy to upload the 400-and-some photos I took into the computer. Mostly all of them are kid pictures, though I took one or two with painting in mind. I have a new camera, and the color just seems to be incredible to me.... or maybe it was the Boston light? Anyway, now I am looking forward to a bit of weaving, some painting, more reading, and hopefully a few moments imitating my grand-daughters in the photo below, and just doing nothing at all...

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T Scanlin said...

welcome home! Great grandma time you had, I'm quite sure... making wonderful memories for those children.