Saturday, September 19, 2009

...and speaking of infinite books...

I mentioned that I often buy books for their cover. Here is one that clearly falls into that category: I actually recently read it, during a time when I didn't have library books to binge on and get back in on time. It was a cute old romance, with all of the typical twists and turns, ending up 'happily ever after' for most characters (and the ones who didn't end up happy had of course gotten what they deserved). It had a number of weaving metaphors, as well. A fun escape read. And a pretty book to have on my shelf.

Here is another book I have been enjoying recently.It was given to me a few weeks ago for my 'unbirthday' by a friend who knows me very well, and knew I would love it! The Queen's sketches are very 'accomplished-British-lady-of-means,' much like Beatrix Potter's countryside sketches.

As I'm getting ready to travel, I have also pulled a few more sketchbooks off my shelf.
I love Maira Kalman, and I also love the little sketchbook of Jackie Kennedy's travels! I think it's wonderful that she had an artist travel with her to sketch her adventures for children, rather than having a photographer along. I think Michelle Obama should do that on her upcoming trip to propose Chicago for the Olympics. And I volunteer to do it for her!

My house is filled with infinite books. There is not a room in the house (no, not even the bathrooms) that does not have books in it. Most rooms have filled shelves, and, if not shelves, then piles!

Have you ever been in a home without books? It just feels 'wrong' - like something vital is missing; some true life sustaining force. Well, my house has a LOT of that force! And may that force be with you, too!

(I am now going to sneak past the dozing puppy and go to the loom!)

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