Monday, September 7, 2009

A bit of labor...

At the gallery on Saturday there was a constant stream of visitors - mostly tourists from out of the area. In spite of the traffic, I set up an easel (which is encouraged there) and worked on an 8x10 painting throughout the day. It is an image from a public garden in Quebec. Greens are hard for me, so it was quite a challenge! Anyway, here it is at this point.
I also re-did my little corner, changing some summer-ish paintings to some that feel more autumn-ish. Here is what I have there now: 
There is an all-artist gallery meeting on Wednesday, and I plan to talk to the gallery manager about having a tapestry show in the winter, which will probably drag us into the always dreaded 'A vs. c' debate. Harrumph!

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