Monday, September 14, 2009

Water: A current obsession (pun of course intended)

A month from now, I will be along the Maine coast. Perhaps that is why water has been on my mind lately, tho' water in it's many moods has been of interest to me for quite some time.

I just returned home from a lovely weekend trip to take 2 of my grandchildren on a train trip up into the Rockies. Even on that short trip I saw water in many forms: in both a slow and a fast river; in a large lake; in a small beaver pond; in a rippling mountain run-off stream. I saw it both in light sprinkles of rain and in torrents which blinded me to everything around me. Most of these images of water I didn't take the time to photograph, as I was busy enjoying my grandchildren or driving at the time. So all of the images in the slideshow are not from this weekend, though some are. Some are images I have photographed at other times, (but all are my photos.)

Water has so many colors and moods. It can be still and peaceful, but it can also be frighteningly destructive and deadly. Water is the source of life, both physically and spiritually. Water can grant us peace, or be a force to fear, both because of it's lack and because of it's excess.

Water can transport us, nourish us, cleanse us, entertain us, and destroy us. As a desert dweller, landlocked all of my life, water is not something I can easily take for granted. As a visual artist, I am drawn to the many images water makes. She is the ultimate shape-shifter. But water is such a large and changeable force, I have never been able to successfully capture her portrait in either of the mediums I work in...

My grand-daughter (age 5) clearly shares my
interest in water!

This is my 3-year old grandson's watercolor painting of a beaver pond, complete with beaver, and done on site. The stripes above the pond aren't a rainbow, but are quite accurate color stripes representing the background mountains and clouds! I wish I had the confidence he exhibits while he is painting!

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