Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey, Bing! We've got what you're dreamin' of!

The snow is falling again; 'snow on snow on snow!' We're having a White Christmas, for sure. I hope it lets up in time for our children and our childrens' children to arrive safely! We will have four generations of my family here. And a storybook landscape. Our neighborhood looks like Currier and Ives designed it.

Looking out toward the street lamp, the snow is falling so heavily, it looks like a hard rain. The snow is starting to bend the lighter branches down. My husband said the streets were as slick as he's ever seen them as he came home.

We are all tucked in for the night now. The dog has been walked. The snow will not be a worry to us until tomorrow.

I'll probably not post until after Christmas, so I do wish you and yours a lovely holiday, whatever you may be celebrating.


Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures. The one feels like you;re in it. Of course warm and dry.
And a wonderful holiday right back to you.

Amber said...

Enjoy the family time. And please share photos!

Gustavo "sub" Poeys said...

I´m from Brazil and we don´t have this kind of weather here.I like to take pictures in different places and environments, just like this ones... I really like then!