Thursday, October 23, 2008

Killing time, and getting better...

I am sitting at the computer coughing and messing about, bored with my dreadful cold, but not feeling up to actually working. I uploaded a photo from our weekend, when we took wood up to re-stock the shed for the winter, as we heat the cabin with wood.

I also took a photo of our flowering crab tree, which is absolutely stunning twice a year, which is why we keep it. It is beautiful in the spring for several weeks when it is in bloom,

and it is gorgeous now, in the fall when the leaves turn.

The rest of the year, it is really quite a mess, as a billion or more crab apples fall into the yard and must be picked up (by me). The doves do love to nest in it, and the honey bees come from miles around, making it buzz all spring long, so I guess it does have a few more redeeming values. My husband keeps threatening to cut it down, but I'll not allow it... not as long as it keeps charming me twice a year with it's beauty, and I can keep bending over to pick up baskets and bushels full of crab apples and getting them to the trash.
By the way, Blogger has been having problems of late, so I had a hard time posting this. If you have trouble posting comments, it is not your fault!


Miss 376 said...

Oooh, shame I wasn't closer. I'd help clear up the crab apples-they make fantastic crab apple jelly

K Spoering said...

Well, you would think so. These are large crab apples, about 3" around. But they never really get ripe here, I think. When it freezes and they fall from the tree (as is happening now) they are still very hard and yellow. Can you make jelly from them like that?