Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't help it... I MUST rant!

Yesterday Sarah Palin was not only here in my town, but in my neighborhood. She was a block away, and her fans parked along my street all day long, having to stare at my and all my neighbors' Obama signs in our yards. I had to play loud music to keep from hearing her amplified annoying voice bounce off my house. In the paper this morning, I see she used her usual scare tactics, calling Obama a socialist and a terrorist. ARRGH! Does she really think we are that stupid? Oh, wait... we are the country that elected George Bush for two terms; we ARE that stupid!@!$%^%@! (Though I can say that I personally had nothing to do with that.) Well, all I can say is, you get what you vote for, people. McCain may say he's not George Bush, but his voting record proves otherwise. OK, I'll stop my rant, if you watch this:


Carol said...

Rant on...

T Scanlin said...

You rant all you want to!!!
Glad your neighborhood was full of Obama/Biden signs--hope none were yanked out of the yards!