Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cat update... & more...

I took the cat in to our vet yesterday. Once again, we have a neutered male between one and two years old. Because he has 'elbow patches,' he reminds us of Mr. Rogers. Our oldest son was very fond of Mr. Rogers when he was little, and he called him "Bogers." So, right now, we are thinking that "Bogers" is a pretty good name for this cat (rhymes with Rogers - maybe we should spell it 'Bodgers'). He's content to be here most of the time, but gets angry with me for not letting him go outside. We live on a very busy street - especially as the two schools on the next block get ready to start and end their day. When the cat goes out, it always ends up in the street, and doesn't seem to bother to watch for traffic. Next week I'll go outside to do yardwork, and will take him out with me to see if I can teach him to not go into the street. If not, he'll be an indoor cat.

A few days ago I met with the committee that wants me to do a tapestry for a local church. It was a good meeting, and I have agreed to do a maquette for their approval... than we'll go from there. Since I have just begun a small tapestry (18"x18") I'll have to weave that off before I can warp and begin a large piece. They want one that is about 3'x5'.

Today I will take the exhibit down at the Presbyterian church gallery. I'm also doing laundry and packing, and cleaning the house for pet sitters, as tomorrow we're going over the mountains for the weekend to have some grandparent time. Trick-or-Treat, here we come!


Miss 376 said...

He looks so playful. We have a kitten joining our mad house at the weekend. I haven't had a kitten since before the children were born. Wondering how my old ladies will react, but I just can't say no when someone is so desparate for a home

lorrie! said...

i think bodgers is perfect. mo will be delighted to meet him.