Saturday, June 12, 2010

The end is near!

So who said they were looking forward to weaving the 'simple shapes' of this tapestry? I guess I didn't look very closely at it, did I? But I can now see the end of the cartoon, about 3 1/2" above where I'm working now. Although I've been weaving some every day (and some days, quite a bit!) I no longer am predicting a finishing date for it. It will be done when I get it done.

Amazingly, the most 'fiddley bits' are in the background. But I am also having some trouble with the iris; not the shapes, but with the color. The purples I have are very close in value to the browns of the background, so I am having to do a lot of work as I choose and blend yarns to see that the iris doesn't just disappear into the background.

We are having a thunderstorm here this morning! What a rare treat for us! Booker and I went out onto the porch for my morning coffee, and I think the thunder confused him. He just turned one year old recently, and I don't think he's really ever heard thunder - that's how rare it is here. So it's grey and cool and smells like rain.... lovely! I was going to do housework for the few hours before Booker's intermediate training class, but I think it's a perfect studio day! Housework will wait...


Theresa said...

Oh, it's beautiful! Good gosh it looks like it was all fiddly, so detailed.
BTW, love the picture of Booker taking time to stop and smell the "roses". Hoping that's all he does..;-)

K Spoering said...

Yes, Theresa, all Booker does is smell the roses. He ate one once, and it bit back! But that old rose has a huge scent, and he loves to smell things. He also has never tried to 'mark' anything, which is nice, as our last dog, Wooster, seemed to think he needed to mark everything!