Friday, June 25, 2010

Mt. Garfield Painting


Tomorrow I work at the gallery all day. I have the March tapestry ready to take along, so I can sew slits between customers and gallery tasks. Summer Saturdays at the gallery are pretty busy, so I'm not sure that many slits will be sewn. But I'll be prepared, at any rate.

The painting above is the only other work I got done in the studio this week. It is "Evening Clouds Over Mt. Garfield;" 8x10" oil on canvas. It is of the eastern end of our valley. The clouds are pretty wild, but actually 'tamer' than they were in reality. There was a sundog in the sky (a partial rainbow), which I left out, because I figured it wouldn't look real. I think paintings with rainbows and such have a hard time not looking cheesy. As it is, it may be somewhat over the top, but we do have very dramatic skies here.

Otherwise, I have been digging a path in my garden, to be filled in with brick pavers, and to ultimately try to contain my strawberries, which want to take over the world.

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Theresa said...

That is some amazing sky! I am always amazed by the big sky here in the western part of the country. Seeing sundogs is a real treat, I see them once in a while coming up or down the mountain.