Sunday, June 13, 2010

A lovely rainy weekend!

Those of you who don't live in the desert may not understand this post. It's been cool (60's) and rainy here all weekend, and I am loving it! Sitting on the porch was almost too chilly! The photo (above) was taken with my husband's iPhone. It has some really fun photo apps.... tempting, really.

A rainy day that is too cool for porch sitting just begs for a nap. Booker agreed. He sleeps on the floor until he's sure you are groggy enough to not notice, then he eases his way onto the bed. I think I was grateful for his warmth, so he got to stay. Besides, he really is so stealthy about it that I don't think I knew he was there until I woke up. My husband took the photo.

This is the latest after-weaving tiny painting. It is 5x7" on a gessoed masonite panel. I really do like it at the small scale, but when I took the photo of it and viewed it on a larger scale, it looks like there is not enough detail. In other words, don't look too closely - this is a small painting! This was from The Chicago Art Institute. I was struck by this girl in front of the Gauguin. The two females in the painting have long dark hair, like hers is. Gauguin would have loved her!


Theresa said...

I do understand and we actually enjoyed one of our first warm days in OR. Got to 70! Napping with Sneaky Pete Booker looks just perfect.

Mary said...

I hadn't realised you lived in a desert, all those photos of snow tricked me.
I understand perfectly about the joy of rain. We are, hopefully, coming to the end of a 12+year drought in Melbourne (and other parts too) and rejoice every time it rains. We are moving into winter but our best rain is not usually till spring. I am not convinced that the drought is over but it the reports are more hopeful.
Thanks for the recommendation of the book, I am waiting for it to be delivered to the branch of the library where I study.

K Spoering said...

Mary, I live in a high mountain desert, at above 5,000 ft elevation, so we get snow and cold, but not much in the way of rain. I hope your drought is over! Rain can be so energizing when you live in a dry area, can't it?
I hope you enjoy the book.