Monday, June 28, 2010

Slit sewing....

Here is a Truth: Time does not fly when you are sewing slits. While people may say that it 'must take a lot of Patience' to weave a tapestry, and while it does take a lot of Time to weave a tapestry, I'd far rather spend my allotted minutes of said Time weaving than in sewing slits! Fortunately, a tapestry that has taken me months to weave will 'only' take me a few days, maybe a week, to get the slits sewn together. But those are days of grueling work, in comparison to the months that, in hindsight, seem to have flown by at the loom.

OK. Can you tell by my drama-queen attitude that sewing slits is not my favorite finishing task? Every job, every art medium, every act of creation, every life task surely has it's 'slit sewing.' Framing a painting... constructing a knit sweater... obedience training a strong-minded puppy... putting away clean laundry or groceries. Thank goodness for these tiresome tasks! Because of them we can celebrate and enjoy the parts of our work that do give us pleasure so much more!

I hope your day is filled with the fun stuff. I'll be cleaning the house for guests, sewing slits, digging more garden path, and working on Booker's training tasks (as he is supposed to graduate from his Intermediate class on Saturday.... keeping all fingers and paws crossed, and using Super treats.) But I will also spend a bit of time at the easel, as I need to get some painting done to fill some emptied spots in the gallery.


Kathe Todd-Hooker said...

Wow I feel for you. I hate sewing slits. Sewing slits is right up there with warping looms.

Today I get to do more fun things like picking burrs out of Chenes long hair.

Good luck with the training class.

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

My chore is the needle weaving of the ends into the cloth of the rug. I postpone it as long as possible. And emptying the dishwasher instead of being grateful that I HAVE a dishwasher!

K Spoering said...

My dear sweet husband generally empties (and fills) the dishwasher. But he won't sew slits or weed the strawberry bed. Trade-offs!

Mary said...

I have done the avoidance thing today (I had to work on a digital design for one of my classes) and ended up cleaning all the high spots, the cupboard doors and the benches in the kitchen (not something that I even enjoy doing!). I eventually knuckled down so it would no longer be hanging over my head. So sympathy all around. Final finishing off is always a drag.
Good luck with the dog training, we have a reasonably well trained dog who has some things we didn't manage to instill into her consciousness but we still love her.

Meabh Warburton said...

Hi Kathy,
At Edinburgh we were taught to 'sew as you go'! It's still not fun but it's got to be better than doing it all in one go at the end? A week of sewing slits would finish me off..!

K Spoering said...

I also try to sew any long slits as I weave, but there are always lots and lots of those that are too big too ignore, but that seemed too small to mess with as I was weaving. Ah, the regrets of procrastination!

My house guests left today, so I will get the slits done up in the next few days. The best way is to put old movies on that I don't have to watch closely, and just sew until all are done. It's getting there!