Sunday, June 6, 2010

Highly recommended!

I rarely recommend books, let alone Highly recommending them. But, in my post-fever state today, I'm pretty sure I must recommend this one. I haven't felt like reading, watching TV or movies, or even listening to music or a book on tape until this morning. Then I decided I'd better look this book over, as I have it on an inter-library loan and it will be due soon. I picked it up, and did not put it down until I had finished it. Then I went to Amazon and ordered my own copy. I am determined to read it every six months, if not more often! It made me feel the urgent need to climb out of bed and get to my studio and work. (In fact, I believe I recall a part about illness not being an excuse to slack off.)

OK, so, I have recommended the book, which is a call to become professional in our work, not in name only but in action. One of the first blog posts I wrote was about the difficulty of beginning, and that is a necessity everyday. So, tomorrow morning I will be in the studio. And the morning after that and the morning after that.... The war has begun, again. Charge, girl!

(Image by illustrator, Shepard Fairey)


tommye said...

Thanks for the book tip... got it coming from Amazon. I hope you're feeling better now!

K Spoering said...

I hope it inspires you as much as it did me, Tommye!
I am feeling better. But I got up with the plan of starting laundry, and doing a bit of housework before I get to the loom at 9:00, and just going to the basement and back up the 2 flights of stairs did me in! I guess the 'bug' took more out of me than I realized. I'll have to just weave a take it a bit slow today again.