Monday, June 21, 2010

"March" finally ends on the summer solstice!

Weaving all day, for many days, at a loom can obviously mess your internal calendar up!

I cut the "March" tapestry off tonight at about 8:30. The photo above shows the weaving completed, including the upper hem, ready to cut off. I wound the warp back up a bit to try to get a photo of the complete tapestry before I cut off, which is seen below. The colors are not exactly true, as the shot was taken at night under artificial light. I will take better photos when the slits are sewn and it is mounted.

But, "TAA_DAA!" It is completed.... except for finishing it, of course. Well. Close counts. Right?

My husband's comment about this tapestry, which is of crocus and iris, is that it looks 'old fashioned.' Not sure what that means....

The "January" tapestry will be in the ATB8 exhibit. "February" currently hangs on my studio wall. "September" is in the Fiber Celebrated 2010 exhibit, and now "March" is at least woven. Four Calendar tapestries down, eight to go! "October" is the next one that will be woven.


Theresa said...


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Congratulations! It's very beautiful! I look forward to see the daylight colors!

Mary Lane said...

Congratulations, Kathy. Your cat Gus looks just like our cat, Millie, except Millie has longer hair.

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Wow Kathy. It is lovely. Congratulations.. How many months to go? I would love to see the whole year already!


Mary said...

Congratulations!! Our class last year always clapped each other when we cut off, even if it was just a sampler. So - clap, clap.
It is exciting seeing your work progress from the cartoon, colour sampler, right through to the final weaving. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kathy, looks fabulous. It makes me want to start a new tapestry, but unfortunately, school comes first. Oh well, will have to wait until the fall. Megan

K Spoering said...

Thanks, all. Vera, the daylight colors will be richer, not so yellow/brown. I'll get the slits sewn up and will try to post a better photo soon.
Mary, I think Gus is a pretty common looking cat. If it wasn't for his 'elbow patches' I'd have brought in the wrong cat several times!
8 more,Icchel! I can hardly wait to see them all done and together, too! They are each only 18"x18", so I should be able to progress, if not quickly, in a 'timely' manner.
Thanks for the applause, Mary. Applause is rare and much appreciated here!
Megan - make time to be creative, and school will go more smoothly and quickly!

Anonymous said...

More applause from me. Your tapestry is beautiful!