Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn images...

This is a little piece I have done for the Miniatures show/sale that the Blue Pig Gallery has in November and December. They are two small oil on canvas paintings of aspen leaves, mounted together in a double frame. The paintings themselves are 2"x2", or life sized.

This is an HDR photo of a small mushroom on a log that I took with my iPhone camera. The new HDR camera feature shoots 3 pictures really fast, one lighter, one as is, and one darker, then it merges them with the best features of each shot. The non-HDR shot of this was much darker, with a lot fewer details in the shadow area on the underside of the mushroom. I tend to like darker shots with lots of shadow, but this lightens it up and still keeps the shadows. Sometimes its better; sometimes it's not.

This is the same mushroom, taken with the Hipstamatic camera on my iPhone. You can see that, without the HDR, a lot of shadow detail is lost.

And finally, here's Gus, who loves that I have been drying the sheets outside! He jumps on them as soon as they're brought in, before I can fold them, and claims them as his nap place. I have taken to trying to fold them outside whenever I can, as he sometimes does not want to end the nap!

I am packing for a trip to San Francisco. We leave on Friday. I may be able to post stuff from the iPhone; I'm not real sure what to expect from the trip. I'm hoping for inspiration!

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Theresa said...

Love the miniatures. Beautifully done and framed.
Who could resist Gus, he looks quite content in those solar dried sheets. In fact I find them hard to resist myself although outdoor drying time is coming to a close soon here.
Have a great time in San Fran!