Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today is the first day...

Well, OK. Today is really not the first day of anything. (And I have always hated that bumper-sticker-saying.) But last week was the beginning of school here, and yesterday was the beginning of September. Those two calendar events always energize me. Back-to-school time and fall both seem so full of purpose. The children passing our house for the two schools in the next block have 'places to be and things to do.' And the animals are busy hoarding away their winter stores. It always makes me feel as if I should be busier and more purposeful, as well.

As I often do in September, I began a new tapestry yesterday. I didn't get far, as I need to wait for ordered yarns to arrive before I proceed much further. But I got the heading and the hem woven, and enough of the weft put in that I can tell myself that I have Begun. I also have a painting that I entered in Colorado's largest art exhibit, which is not yet completed. As I have to deliver it to the exhibit for jurying in a couple of weeks, I need to get busy, so I won't be delivering a wet painting! But first... I will be doing some pre-winter pruning in the yard today. And I have a strange urge to clean out and re-stock my pantry. Muchas cosas para hacer.

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