Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work and play...

I have been being a 'good housewife' the past few days; getting some fall cleaning done. A lot of it has been in the kitchen (cleaning the pantry, etc.), but I have found a few moments to play with my iPhone cameras.

These first three photos were with Hipstamatic. I quite love it! I especially like the shot of my old typewriter on the corner of my desk. As you can see below, not much has been getting done in the studio.

The photos below were taken with a free camera app, called "Yes We Cam," for obvious reasons. It posterizes whatever you shoot, and gives it either a 'Hope' or 'Change' borderline. (I confess that I added the word 'no' in Photoshop to Booker's photo, which I felt was more appropriate after a day of his 'help' yesterday.)

Here is my Peace rose, which is blooming beautifully right now, after a summer of looking like it would never bloom again. (See, I didn't give up Hope!)

With the exception of the added word, 'no' on Booker, these photos haven't been altered in any way after they were shot in my iPhone. The camera apps do all of the effects. Pretty cool! I also have free camera apps called RetroCamera and SketchCamera. I'll play with them another day.

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