Saturday, September 4, 2010

IF: Dessert

I had a busy, busy day at the gallery today, but managed to do this little 4x4" sketch for the Illustration Friday topic this week, which is 'Dessert." I thought this double dip ice cream cone could qualify! In fact, I'd have liked to have eaten it myself! Though I can paint little bits with customers in the gallery, I can't really eat in front of them, and it took me 4 hours to eat all the tiny bites of my peanut butter sandwich. Almost licked the canvas as I painted!

1 comment:

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Ooohhh! Yummy!
I chuckled about your sandwich bits, that happened to me too! Make sure you eat a big breakfast and dinner to keep your strength up!
Best wishes, Vera