Saturday, September 25, 2010

IF topic: Old Fashioned (2)

A face sketch, which I'll post for a second Illustration Friday submission. It's about 8x10", oil on canvas. It was all painted in Burnt Sienna, then a bit more color added at the end for the darks and the clothes. No drawing, just a brush sketch. She is quite 'old fashioned,' I think! (Especially those heavy eyebrows!)

It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.' ~ Audrey Hepburn


Kristin Dudish said...

I love the texture of this (and your limited color palette really adds to the old-fashined feel of it)!

Coreopsis said...

Oh! Beautiful portrait!