Saturday, April 12, 2008

And now, how I spent my evening...

... (and the whole of today, actually). We had our big fundraiser for our medical mission trip to Honduras tonight. We call it "Don Pepe's Night", after the restaurant in Tegucigalpa where we eat many of our meals while there. The photo above is from a mural in Don Pepe's cafe, there in Teguc. It is of the Iglesia de Suyapa and the Virgin of Suyapa, the patron saint of Honduras. The approximately 2 1/2" tall statue of the virgin was stolen from the Suyapa Cathedral on two separate occasions. After one of them, it was discovered in the men's restroom in Don Pepe's restaurante. There is a shrine to her in the restroom (which is no longer used as a restroom, but as a shrine.) Evidently, this mural was painted over the last time our group went, two years ago. It was quite large, and was painted on the wall of the stairwell, going up to the restaurante.

Anyway, our fundraiser is a dinner which is similar to what we get there on a plato tipico: roast pork, rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and a corn tortilla. After the first time we did this fundraising dinner, we decided to leave the fried plantains out, as most of them were not eaten.

So today, we decorated the dining hall, cooked, set up, served well over 100 people, cleaned up, and also had a silent auction. Our efforts raised a goodly amount of money for the trip expenses, and also frankly wore us out!

Between protesting yesterday and the Don Pepe's dinner today, I feel like I've been on my tired feet for a LOOOOOONG time!

Tomorrow, if the weather permits, I plan to spend the afternoon on another part of my anatomy that is NOT my feet, weeding the strawberry bed. If the weather does not allow that, I'll take a nap. I'm praying for rain.

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Margaret said...

The food sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing this! I don't know if I already mentioned this to you, but please let me know sometime which of your posts you'd like me to include in the first edition of my Art History carnival (it's not strictly art history--it's also art, so posts about your tapestries would be perfect). The first issue will be May 1st. Have a great week!