Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Custom knit gloves!

I finished the first glove in the pair I'm making myself, and just have the fingers to do on the second one. I have knit gloves before, but not for myself. If you can knit a pair of socks, you can knit gloves! In fact, I think they are funner to knit than socks, and I'm hoping they won't wear out as quickly as my handknit socks do (I hate darning!). I splurged on the beautiful painted wool/nylon blend yarn for these in Coupeville, WA when we were there last fall. I had thought I'd do socks, or a scarf or something for myself. When I decided I wanted to make myself gloves, this yarn was just the perfect fit for the project! If I do gloves again, I'll do a thumb gusset, as I've had to do for gloves for the men in my family. But this yarn is stretchy enough to make just the basic glove work. I think I'm going to really enjoy wearing these next winter! And I've enjoyed the project so much, everyone on my giftlist may get a pair next year!

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